June 2018 Unfold

I don't remember a June like this for the last 12 years I've spent in the UK.
Hot days, warm evenings, nearly neon greens and unbelievable blue. And the air - filled with buzzing and chirping, so hot it dazzle, so sweet - it makes your head go round.



Fantastic Bowood - (I have non-iPhone photos from there as well, and (i hope) I will combine them as a separate gallery. Things that impressed me the most:  aroma of the rosary in front of the house, gravel passes and incredible open spaces. Plus the beautifully crafted collection of art and jewellery in old rooms of the impressive mansion - this place is a perfect destination for the ideal weekend indeed.

Funny enough, the first impression about the place I visit I get from the smells: the base, the aftertaste; some nuances please me, some - annoys, some - make me remember it forever.

Buford for me will always remain a surprising mixture of the creamy and thick blanket of Linden trees flowers' smell diluted by sophisticated waves of luxurious perfumes: Portofino, Aqua Di Parma, Jo Malone in all its formes... A perfect combination of childhood memories and nearly Christmasy excitement at the beginning of summer. ..
I was taking photos there for the beautiful Lynwood Cafe (and this gallery will be up soon too!)


My English is awkward, broken and so far from perfect - it scares. I apologies. But I probably won't stop :)